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ProHVAC Cooling and Heating is one of the most dependable HVAC systems experts in the Pacoima area. At ProHVAC Pacoima, we offer the best quality repair, maintenance, and installation of the air conditioning systems to keep your home or commercial premises cool and attractive. Whether during the cold months or the hotter months, our pro HVAC system experts will offer you great expertise just to make sure the system is functioning optimally. Whatever your requirements on heating and cooling, contact ProHVAC Pacoima for professional services.

Having completed hundreds of thousands of air conditioning services, we pride ourselves as the most experienced HVAC system service providers Pacoima.   The experience gained over time has seen our customers trust us for their cooling and heating requirements. in that regard, we have always had clients scheduling repeat appointments for HVAC systems maintenance and repair. Credit goes to our core values when it comes to customer service. We believe in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction in everything that we do. In addition, we uphold integrity and professionalism, making sure that our customers have a great experience they will not find elsewhere. Contact ProHVAC Cooling and Heating today for the best HVAC Pacoima repairs and maintenance services.  Here are some of the services that we offer.

About Us

Our Services

Water Heater Installation

For water heater installation services in Pacoima, ProHVAC Cooling and Heating is your most dependable services provider. We provide trusted water heater installation and repair services. our water heating professionals are licensed, certified and experienced. Thus, when you need a water system installed at your home, contact ProHVAC Cooling and Heating, we offer a superior and reliable service. In case the water heating system is having any issues and not functioning optimally, our professionals will be available to address the problem. We will answer phone calls 24/7 and provide you emergency services when and as at needed. Therefore, if you are interested in installation of whole water heating system, re-piping or installation of a new water heating system, contact ProHVAC Cooling and Heating.

Furnace Repair and Installation Services

At ProHVAC Cooling and Heating, we now provide furnace installation and repair services. Founded years ago, our company takes care of your furnace service requirements to ascertain that you enjoy the best services. our team is well trained and certified to handle the furnace. Being the most reliable furnace services provider in Pacoima, we will help you lower the home heating bills through the provision of the best furnace repair services. we have a team that is fully certified and licensed to offer the services. if you require re-installation of the furnace, we shall offer you the best and most reliable services.

AC Repair and Installations

At ProHVAC Cooling and Heating, we remain focused on ensuring that our customers are provided the best HVAC repair services. We always focus on keeping our customers cool all year despite the extreme temperatures in summer and winter. For the years that we have been in business, we have provided thousands of repair services on AC systems. We have handled different brands and makes ensuring that our commercial and residential customers are comfortable. Therefore, for repair and installation of your AC systems, contact ProHVAC Cooling and Heating.

Emergency AC Services Pacoima

An HVAC system is a crucial investment for a comfortable home. For commercial premises, the HVAC system can help improve the productivity of your staff especially in the colder months or in summer when the temperatures are at all-time high. Most importantly, ensuring that the HVAC system is fully functional should be the priority of homeowners and business managers. In Pacoima, ProHVAC Cooling and Heating offers HVAC emergency services for commercial and residential clients. Thus, to make sure that the system is fully functional, you can always count on us. We offer 24/7 installation and repair of HVAC systems.

Portable Air Conditioning Repair Services

In Pacoima, the portable air conditioners have become very popular especially at homes. However, the challenge that many users face is finding a reliable company offering repair services for portable AC systems. ProHVAC Cooling and Heating offers repair services for portable air conditioning system, thus, if you invested in a portable air conditioner and it has developed some functional issues, contact ProHVAC Cooling and Heating.

Contact ProHVAC Cooling and Heating for affordable services in Pacoima. Our professionals always available 24/7 to provide you the best services.